Mark Johnson, “The Truth and Life of Lies” + Orchid Tierney, “Archive and the Big Etcetera: Colonizinginginging the Lazy Object”

by DSS


Poetry & Poetics continues its series of intensive set of events in the spring of 2014. Please join us on Tuesday, April 22nd, at 7:30 PM for an evening of readings, lectures, and lively conversation. The event is free and open to the public. We’ll be meeting at Fisher Bennett Hall (3400 Walnut Street) on the second floor (room TBA, likely 222). Strong drinks and light refreshments will be provided.


We could not be more thrilled to host this week’s pairing. Come join us for an evening of lecture-reading-conversation with two of Philadelphia’s finest—featuring collector-poet-publisher-impresario-extraordinaire, the inimitable Mark Francis Johnson alongside recent New Zealand transplant, editor, poet, scholar, and brilliant wordsmith, Penn’s own Orchid Tierney. Both present findings, writings, and provocations on notions of the archive. Anyone who has ever thrilled over a rare LP or that forgotten tome in a dusty corner has surely thrilled over Mark Johnson and his various endeavors at (and through) Hiding Place (the only place for audio-textual arcana, best described as: “Excellent strange records and curiously worthwhile books. Film screenings. Poetry readings. Poltergeist activism. [Mark Johnson] in a rocking chair.”). Bringing us “The Truth and Life of Lies,” Johnson presents a series of radical proposals—an alternate history—for the generic classification of literature. In his words: “A revolutionary programme for the expansion of fiction. How you can help!” In league with these expansion joints, Orchid Tierney has been told by a title generator to present: “Archive and the Big Etcetera: Colonizinginginging the Lazy Object.” Tierney, of course, is the Penn contingent of the season, holding down the poetics fort at Fisher Bennett with her razor sharp experimental writing. Operating at the interstices of sonic and visual poetries, Tierney explores the poetic utterance and the linguistic image from every conceivable angle. This activity was recently demonstrated (at Johnson’s house!) along the blurry shores that might conjoin landfall with sea rise. Come for further feats by both this Tuesday—

Limitless rarities:


Mark Francis Johnson is the author of Three Bad Wishes (Meow Press, 1995), Exactly Zero (Steel Bridge Publishing, 2011), Penniless Greenery (Editions Plane, 2012), Everything Isn’t (Hidden Press, 2012), Dream of a Like Place (Sus Press, 2013), Orange Mound and Pink Lotion (Gauss PDF, 2013), rFul (Hiding Press, 2013) and GRUON BS (Make Now Press, 2014). He lives in Philadelphia, where he is the proprietor of Hiding Place, a record / book store that hosts readings and, with the art gallery Marginal Utility, an experimental film and video series. He deejays as DJ Hiding Place.

Orchid Tierney, Penn English PhD Candidate, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), English and History (University of Otago, New Zealand, 2001). Master of Creative Writing (University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2010). Master of Arts, English (University of Otago, 2013). Primary Interests: Digital poetics, electronic literature, 20th/21st century avant-gardes. General Interests: Post-45 poetry and poetics, appropriative modes of writing. She is the prolific author of many publications and the editor of REM magazine.


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